Why is it that this sign on 84 in Fishkill always seems to get knocked down and then neglected for years?

Street signs can end up on the ground for a variety of reasons. Severe weather can knock them down. Sometimes accidents can happen and drivers can hit them.

Does anyone know how this sign fell down?

I worry about drivers who will miss this sign. How will drivers know where all of the expensive gas is located?

If you're driving on I-84 West towards the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge, you'll notice that the exit sign is totally obliterated... again. I've got to be honest here. I don't remember the last time this sign was standing up properly. I think this sign is cursed. It seems like every winter, a massive truck slams into this.

It's not really bothering me because I know the area well enough. I wonder if it confuses people passing through the area.

I'm also wondering if they are ever going to fix it. The DOT has to know about this by now, right? Maybe they don't.

What do you do when you see a street or highway sign on the ground?

According to Safety Sign, depending on where you live, there are a few different places you can contact to report a destroyed sign. You can call your local Public Works or the Department of Transportation. You could even contact a representative from your local government.

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