Happy Friday the 13th everyone! Are you superstitious? Do you believe in good luck or bad luck? There's a real phobia for people who fear the things that have anything to do with the number thirteen. Are you one of them?

The fear of the number thirteen is real and it's called "triskaidekaphobia". It's a mouthful but it's true. According to Readers Digest, psychologists think that if you fear bad luck, negative energy, or the number thirteen you may have a deeper rooted issue. You might might have a fear of things that you cannot control.


If you don't fear Friday the 13th, you'd be surprised how many people do. Some doctors think that it's actually normal to be a little weary with all of the negative energy floating around.

Financial experts estimate that the US loses about $900,000,000 every year because of the superstitions.

Keep in mind that statistically speaking we are just as likely to have a negative experience today as much as any other day so have no fear.

Get out there and fly out on flight 13, sit on row 13 and have 13 cocktails. There's nothing to worry about.