If you're one of those people that look at the youth of today and say "we might be in trouble". Well, you may be right. You'd be shocked to learn that the majority of millennials can't do these every day tasks.

I have to preface this by disclaiming that I don't have children so I can't judge young parents too harshly. I just feel that we need to teach the younger generation to be a little more independent.

I don't think kids need to learn how to repair a chimney or replace a transmission in their car but they need to know some basic things like how to change a tire, how to cook a meal or how to check their oil.

According to the website Aviva, they did a study that found shocking results about what kids are can and can't do.

  • 21% of the kids survey had never changed a light bulb
  • 19% of kids can't boil an egg.
  • 34% could not read a map.
  • 31% cannot cook a complete meal.
  • 63% do not fee comfortable changing a tire.

It's like the saying goes "If you want to be treated like an adult you have act like one".

Come on 15 - 20 year olds, let's show a little independence. If you're having trouble getting a date there is nothing sexier than a smart, strong and independent person.

For you helicopter parents out there, put those kids to work once in a while. Let them grow up and give them some responsibilities. Teach them how to a boil a damn egg.