Remember back in the day we all participated in the 'Book It' summer reading program where we would earn pizza for reading a certain number of books through your school?  Ah, the good ol' days.  Now that many of the Hudson Valley Pizza Hut locations have closed for good, how will we get our kids to read during the summer?

Well, how about instead of a pizza, earning a book for summer reading?  Not as tasty, but probably good for keeping the brain sharp.

Barnes and Noble is offering their Summer Reading Program again for 2019, and it rewards kids for reading at least 8 books during the summer with a free book.

There are a number of age group categories, but kids must be in grades 1-6 in order to get the book reward, and only one book per child is permitted.  There are select books that correspond with the age groups that are available as part of the reward program.

If you want more information, or want to reward your kiddos for their summer reading efforts, check out the full details and sign up information HERE.