Artists, writers, collectors and gamers in the Hudson Valley will be able to meet up and network this week and talk about the love of their hobby.

The Hudson Valley isn't far from where the comic book industry exploded over 80 years ago. DC and Marvel comics are giants all over the globe now but they got their start in New York City. It's safe to assume that some of the biggest comic book fans grew up around this area. New Yorkers are extremely passionate about comics. Some Hudson Valley residents even have relatives who worked on the some of the classic titles.

I can tell you that there wasn't as much as an appreciation for graphic novels where I grew up in Michigan but I'm an avid comic collector and it's always cool to meet and chat with other collectors.

It's fun to share your tales of collecting over the years. Maybe you can share advice too.

If you're an enthusiast about something then what could possibly make it better? Food and booze might help.

Local comic book fans and artists are able to get together and network this week in Poughkeepsie. Incredicon is hosting Hudson Valley Drink and Draw this Thursday at 5pm.

It's at 110 Grill in the Poughkeepsie Galleria and the event is totally free. Bring some art supplies, a notebook or some Pokemon cards and meet up with some people locally who are passionate about the same hobbies that you are. Maybe you'll learn about something new and fall in love with it.


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