There was no better treat in the early 1990s than being able to go to the video store and rent something. I remember the complete joy of wandering up and down the aisles of the Video Treats store in Hyde Park and the Movie Stars/Video Update/Moovies store in Red Oaks Mill for hours.

Looking back on it, I'm sure it was an incredibly unpleasant experience for my parents and grandparents, having to stand around forever, waiting for me to make a decision while Speed 2: Cruise Control played loudly on every television screen surrounding them. But to a kid, it represented the freedom of choice, the opportunity to see all the movies you'd been waiting to see from the first moment you saw the commercial.

And honestly, how could you blame us for being completely transfixed by the colorful, eye-catching artwork of the VHS tapes of the era?

Captain America VHS
Marvel/21st Century
Mario Bros
Buena Vista
Warner Bros

You might notice something all of these movies have in common: they're all terrible. But they also have very distinct, kitschy art that was perfect for the time.

It is with that spirit that I bring to you the artwork of someone who is doing some really fascinating, nostalgic, and at times hilarious interpretations of the style. The decline of video stores isn't stopping Steelberg from giving his take on what movies like Creed, The Revenant, and The Force Awakens, along with television shows like True Blood and Stranger Things would look like if they came out 20 or 30 years earlier.

Check him out on Facebook here and on Instagram here and figure out which one you want the most, because they're all awesome.