Hudson Valley, What is Your Atypical Thanksgiving Tradition? What is that one thing that sets your Thanksgiving celebration apart from everyone else's? What is something that you, your family, and your friends do that is unique to y'all? What it is it that you are sure that majority of Thanksgiving parties will not be partaking in?

I'll give you a couple examples from my family. A more recent tradition of mine will be that my dad and I watch "Die Hard" after Thanksgiving dinner. Once all the leftovers are packed away, and dishes are cleaned (who am I kidding, put in the sink or the dish washer, at least), my dad and I will settled down to watch our favorite Christmas hero, John McClane, save Christmas. The Christmas season doesn't begin until Hans Gruber falls off of the Nakatomi Building!

Another tradition that we had while I was growing up was that we would play dominos. We would go over to my cousin's house, and after dinner, we would sit down for a big game of a form of dominos called Mexican Train. The game could easily go on for hours, and it was a great game for us to talk, laugh, bicker and have great competitive fun.

Now that I got the ball rolling, what did other people from the Hudson Valley say? What are they doing that is so out-of-the-box for Thanksgiving? Keep reading below to find out!

Hudson Valley, What is Your Atypical Thanksgiving Tradition?

Hudson Valley, what is that one unique thing that makes your Thanksgiving celebration different than everyone else?

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