There's an excellent chance that you know Neil Gaiman's work quite well.

His books have brought much joy to many different kinds of readers. From kids books to comic books and even novels, Gaiman's imagination has captivated the minds of many.

Some of his most notable works include Coraline, American Gods, Good Omens and The Graveyard Book. There's even room for a debate on whether he inspired the Harry Potter series.

Maybe you're not much of reader. The best selling author's work has been brought to the screen both big and small.

Others like myself know Gaiman's work on the iconic and groundbreaking DC comic book series, The Sandman. The first issue of The Sandman came out 33 years ago and the characters and stories created by Gaiman have become favorites among the comic book community. The main character in Netflix's Lucifer was born from The Sandman universe.

The Sandman will get it's very own series too with an all star cast

Neil Gaiman is set to host 'An Evening with Neil Gaiman' at Proctor's Theatre in Schenectady, New York tomorrow night. Tickets start at around $49.

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