These people drive among us and are probably coming to a parking lot near you very soon. I'm starting a new watchdog group for terrible parking jobs called the Park Narks.

Drivers in New York have to constantly be on defense. There are a lot of erratic drivers out there. Once you get to your destination you hope to find some peace. The roads are bad enough so we don't need the local parking lots to be chaotic as well. It turns out the parking lot could be just as bad.

According to story in Today, the average American could spend nearly 20 hours a year looking for parking spot. I wonder how many people can't find a spot because some drivers are taking up two spaces.

Automotive Fleet reports that 48% of drivers who were surveyed admitted to getting into a verbal confrontation with someone in a parking lot. You're probably more likely to have an issue in a busy parking lot than on a high traffic road. It makes total sense. You're in tight quarters and there are only so many spots you can use.

Road rage should be avoided at all times even when you're in a parking lot and not necessarily on a road. Avoid confrontations with other drivers. You can always snap a photo and laugh about it.

Here are 25 pictures of some of the most absurd parking jobs documented in the Hudson Valley region of New York. Check out these parking lot all stars.

25 of the Worst Parking Jobs in Upstate New York