Barton Orchards in Poughquag will screen perhaps the finest film of this or any generation Friday night for free on their big outdoor screen. That movie is Goonies and Goonies never say die.

This will be the sixth and final installment of Barton Orchards 'Farm Flix' movie series. There is free yoga at 7:15 and the concessions, taproom, farm market and the petting zoo will all be open from 7-11 PM. You can expect the movie to start when it gets dark around 8:30.

The 1985 classic was directed by Richard Donner based on a story from Steven Spielberg. Starring a young Sean Astin, Corey Feldman, Josh Brolin, Martha Plimpton and others, it has become one of the most talked about movies from the 1980s. And according to the IMDB, it was made for a grand total of $19 million.

The movie tells the tale of a young group of adventurers who find a treasure map in the attic and go off to save the family home from greedy developers (aka Troy's dad). Along the way, they tangle with booby traps and the infamous Fratelli's and eventually stumble upon One Eyed Willies pirate ship. The find all the 'rich stuff' they can handle and just when it looks like it's going to slip through their fingers at the last minute...we'll stop here. Enjoy the movie!

Cast members last reunited in 2017, think we'll ever get that long talked about sequel?

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