We've loved following the growth of Beans Cat Cafe in the Hudson Valley since the Beacon location first opened their doors a few years back. Beans' expanded during summer 2023, opening up the 'Mew Paltz' location and hosting some fun events there, and over the years they've adopted out more than 550 adorable cats to their forever homes.

Beans Cat Cafe via Facebook Jan 12 2021
Beans Cat Cafe via Facebook Jan 12 2021

For those unfamiliar, the cat cafe has two sides, the lounge and cafe area. The lounge is where visitors can hang out an interact with the cats available for adoption.

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'Mew Paltz' Beans Cat Cafe Location Offering Cat Yoga

Since opening their doors back in New Paltz in July 2023, the Beans' staff has brought some fun on-site events to the village. Just last month, Beans Cat Cafe offered reservable study space for college students to prepare for final exams (and of course play with the adorable kitties to relieve their finals stress).

Now though, Beans Cat Cafe 'Mew Paltz' will be offering monthly cat yoga sessions at their Church Street location.

In speaking with owner, Jessica Strika, she shared that they always wanted to do events like these in the space.

So when our landlord told us back in the spring that our new retail neighbor would be a yoga studio, it was only a matter of time before we put this together. She's recently opened her studio Stellar Yoga behind our Mew Paltz location. With both of us being lovers of animals and fun and creative events, we got together and put Cat Yoga into place in early December.

Turns out, the December event sold out so quickly, they had to add a second time slot, which also sold out.

Beans Cat Cafe
Beans Cat Cafe

Reservations are now open for the February Cat Yoga session, as the January one is already booked. February 19th will offer both 10am and 11:30 time slots. According to Jessica, they will plan on holding the cat yoga events monthly so long as the interest is there.

Sounds like a purrrfect plan to me!

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