Although, when you think about it, isn't every bowl of ice cream stoner-friendly?Here it is!


Ben and Jerry's
Ben and Jerry's

And... here's the description:

We're celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Bob Marley's Legend album with this tasty tribute, supporting Bob's vision for a fairer world. In partnership with the 1Love Foundation, this flavour will help to fund a youth empowerment programme in Jamaica. Music to your ears AND your taste buds! What makes this all the sweeter is that the inspired (ahem, LEGEND-ary) flavour name comes courtesy of Camilla Bishop - thanks Camilla, you're a legend! Peace, 1love & Ice Cream, from Ben & Jerry's.

If you're wondering why the description has "flavour" and "programme," it's because you can only get this flavor in the UK. And no, there's no actual pot in it, just a couple of winks and a couple of nudges.

Between being the dons of ice cream and being hippies from Vermont, Ben and Jerry have to be authorities on all types of bowls.