Do you agree with this YouTuber's outline for the perfect Upstate and Hudson Valley experience?

The Hudson Valley has so much to offer as far as food and sight seeing. It's impossible to take them all in on one day. It may even be difficult to get the full experience in during an entire week.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic New York Sate is one of the most visited placed in the country. According to The Empire State Development, New York State saw over 260 million visitors in 2019 and they spent over $70 billion. The State Comptroller states that 66 million of those visitors in 2019 we for New York City. That means the rest was for Upstate New York and beyond. It's safe to say that many of them made a trip to the Hudson Valley region or at least travelled through it.

Where do they go? Where did they stay? What did they do? It's not like all of them had friends locally to guide them.

A YouTube star with a huge following grew up around here but she now lives in New York City. She made a video of what she thought was the best places to visit wile you're in the Hudson Valley and Capital Region of New York.

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