We live in Upstate New York. We have some cities that are heavily populated but we are lucky to live near some amazing parks. Most regions in the state would love to have such easy access to such beautiful scenery. Residents of New York City often flock to the Hudson Valley to escape the sounds and stress of the city.

Can you really blame them?

It is good to get out and get some fresh air but a trip to your local park can be more than just something to do to change things up. It's actually extremely beneficial for your health. According to the College of Natural Resources, people who go to parks frequently get more physical activity which can make them relieve stress, anxiety, and even depression. There are several physical health benefits as well like weight loss.

More and more people have been getting outside and getting to parks in the Hudson Valley since the COVID pandemic. Where are the nicest ones?

The Hudson Valley is vast and there are several parks where you can adventure to. Try to make it to one if you haven't been before or try to get to all of them.

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Here is a list of 11 parks located here in the Hudson Valley ranked from best to worst. Have you been to any of these parks before? Do you think the ratings they have been given are fair? Thankfully, none of them scored too low.

Remember to keep them clean!

11 Hudson Valley Parks Ranked Best to Worst