Did you go to school in Orange County, New York? Maybe you are looking to move there. Here is a list of some of the best places to go school Orange County.

How Stuff Works reports that there are a few key factors that people look at when buying a house. The biggest factor is how affordable the home is based on their budget. How much work does it need to fix up the property? Not every buyer is looking for a project. The location of the property is another huge factor.

Will the property increase or decrease in value? Are you building or buying in a desirable area? Future home buyers often look at employment rates and crime numbers to help with the decision. If a buyer has a family or is looking to start one in the future then the quality of schools may be the most important thing when buying a home and data shows that if an area has good schools then its often a good place to raise children.

Where are the best places to attend public school in Orange County, New York?

Orange County has some really great schools that ranked high among data and reviews from parents who has children attend those places of education.

Here is a list of the 7 best placed to attend school in Orange County, New York based on data collected by Niche.com. The schools are not listed in any particular order as they all received an 'A' grade from the website.

7 Best Places to Attend School in Orange County, New York

Gallery Credit: Nick Kessler

9 Dutchess County School Districts Ranked Best to Worst

These are 9 school Dutchess County district rankings based on data and reviews from Niche.com.

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