For a while there, I was not going to Wendy's very often. I think I stopped into Wendy's a total of 10, maybe less, in 2021. I used to go all the time back high school. Their 4 for $4 meal would be cheap and easy on school nights where I was just getting out of whatever extracurricular I was doing, and then had a long night of homework ahead of me. Whenever I really wanted to splurge, I would get myself a Dave's Double. Even in college, now that I think of it, I didn't go the Wendy's all that often. Part of it was proximity, and the other part was probably because I got burnt out. You know, when you go to a place to often in a short period of time, you get tired of it? Well, in January, I saw an ad for Wendy's somewhere, and I just thought, "It's a been a while, maybe I'll stop in for lunch today." I once again ordered a Dave's Double and even got myself an order of nuggets. From that moment, I was back on board the Wendy's train! Not that I eat fast food all that often in general, but I've stopped in a couple times since then.

We are on a roll when it comes to our series of "Which ______ is the best in the Hudson Valley?" McDonald's, despite having so many in the area, had surprisingly low scores. Burger King had better scores in comparison to McDonald's, but I think the Wendy's scores may beat out Burger King (don't hold me to that, I'm just going off memory). Several of these Wendy's have scores of 4.0 and higher, and have a lot of reviews according to Google. Wait until you get to No. 1- it is number one for a reason, holding strong with a Rating of 4.2/5 Stars with 1,352 reviews.

When you stop in at Wendy's, what is your go-to order? Let us know on our social media pages, or on the app.

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