This last August was the 48th anniversary celebration of the three day music and arts festival that has been known as "Woodstock". The original music festival took place Aug 15-17, 1969.

Bethel Woods' CEO Darlene Fedun said, "At its heart Woodstock was about the peaceful community that grew out of quite difficult circumstances, working together and sharing what they had with each other – and so is this fundraiser. This is a true example of how each of us, when united as a community, can make a much greater positive impact together, and through this fundraiser can contribute to preserving a treasured piece of history for future generations."

In effort to keep the history alive and honor its selection to the National Register of Historic Places, they are trying to raise money to restore and develop under used areas of the site. The first project has been named, "The Bindy Bazaar Trails Project." In order for Bethel Woods Center for the Arts (a not for profit organization) to raise the money to make this project possible, they have turned to crowdfunding to raise $25,000.

As of today, they have raised just over $6,000 toward their goal.