People are getting a hold of fake money and they look real. If you're doing cash transactions in the Hudson Valley here is how you can spot these things from a mile away.

We've made to December and it's supposed to the happiest season of all. It's sad but even now you should always keep you guard up because while some may feel holly and jolly others may be trying to pull a fast one on you.

According to an internet crime report, online scams have cost people and businesses over $13 billion in losses over the last 5 years. Not all scams happen online or over the phone. You could get scammed with cash or even fake cash.

With al of the film production don't be surprised if you see fake money floating around the Hudson Valley. Just be cautious. It's happened before. Just this past summer some film crew members were caught using fake dough here locally.

Yesterday someone had listed some "prop money" for sale on Facebook Marketplace. For just $30 you could purchase fat stacks of $100 bills that look astonishingly real.

The seller never claimed that the money was real and in the listing stated that they would be perfect for a music video. The post has been removed since then. The seller may have sold the bundle.

Is this legal? You can buy prop money online. They even sell it on Amazon.

The seller was not breaking any laws. It doesn't appear to be illegal to buy, sell or even own prop money but it is technically counterfeit money and it is illegal to try to pass along as the real thing. The concern is for the intentions of the buyer.

According to Prop Movie Money there are few elements to look for when identifying prop money. They have different boarder and font sizes than real currency. They also generally have a serial number that starts with "MP" just before the numbers.

Lastly, another obvious sign that you are holding prop money is it will say " For motion picture use only" underneath the dollar amount in the corner.

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