This weeks edition of Brandi's Future Husband involves a gigantic duck, gouda cheese and the law.

This guy came to Brandi's attention because of her love of gouda cheese and rubber ducks. He is 45, lives in Holland and he may or may not have been drinking when he decided that a giant rubber duck could be the way to the heart.

He was dining at a restaurant called the Gouda Duck when he noticed that there was a three foot high rubber duck and some how he thought it would make a perfect gift for a future wife. When the gentleman left the restaurant, the staff quickly noticed that the giant duck had left with him and called the cops.

The duck was later found a few miles away from the restaurant, badly damaged. The judge in the case is requiring him to pay $880 in restitution to the cafe owner and given him the option of either heading to jail for eight weeks or for only two weeks if he agrees to complete what the Dutch call, lifestyle training.