This week Brandi's Future Husband (BFH) hails from Florida and has recently become available to spend a great deal of time with Brandi.

Her future husband this week is named John, his friends online like to call him, "The Chicken King". John recently chose to leave his position at a Florida Burger King where he was greatly under appreciated as a team member.

John, in his efforts to find a way to have Burger King make it up to him, he chose to take a few things with him on the way out the door. Okay, well maybe more than a few things.

John, aka BFH, left his job that day with the entire inventory of chicken nuggets from the restaurant. Yes, all of them. He then decided he would share his nugget bounty with his friends online. It was those photos he posted which started going viral that garnered him the moniker, "The Chicken King". What will he be doing with all of these nuggets?

Brandi is hoping that she will get a nice gourmet meal out of it? Should we break it to her that it probably isn't going to happen that way?