A dramatic scene recently unfolded in New York state when a baby bird became trapped inside a residential basketball hoop.

Springtime is the season for almost every species of animal in the northeast to bring new life into the world. While predators like peregrine falcons and red-tail hawks are raised in nests high in the sky, other birds, like the tufted titmouse, choose more humble locations. Unfortunately for one feathered family, their nest location turned deadly when disaster struck.

A baby bird being rescued from a basketball hoop in New York state
A baby bird was recently rescued from a basketball hoop in New York state (Strong Island Animal Rescue League)

Dramatic Bird Rescue in Long Island, NY

"Strong Island Animal Rescue League got an emergency call about a tufted titmouse bird nest that was on top of a basketball hoop had fallen down the shaft", began a post from the Long Island rescue organization that is credited to helped animals ranging from runaway cows to possums stranded in the middle of rush hour traffic.

Photo of a deceased bird what appeared to attempt to access its trapped chicks
Unfortunately, this bird perished while trying to access the stuck chick (Strong Island Animal Rescue League)

Tufted Titmouse Rescued in Long Island, NY

Unfortunately, it seemed like parental instinct led multiple adult birds to attempt to enter the shaft of the basketball hoop and suffered mortal consequences (above). The dramatic video (below) shows how the young bird was finally pulled to safety.

Using a paint stick and a reciprocating saw, rescue workers were able to cut through the metal shaft and access the damaged nest, along with the single remaining tufted titmouse chick. Strong Island Animal Rescue League reported that the chick would be rehabilitated at the Sweetbriar Nature Center in Smithtown, NY.

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It's always a smart idea to call a recue professional when encountering an animal in distress. Not only will the animals be treated correctly, but in some cases (like with baby deer) they may actually not need help at all. Check out some animals you may be likely to find in new York below.

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