A stranded animal and a New York hero are both lucky to be alive after a daring operation in the middle of rush hour traffic.

The spring season is the beginning of more outdoor activities for everybody, and while mountain coasters and historic castles might beckon New York's human residents, local animals are on the move, too. Unfortunately, one critter recently found themselves in a very dangerous situation.

Photos of a stranded animal being rescued on a busy New York highway
Strong island Animal Rescue League responded to calls about a stranded opossum on a busy Long Island, NY highway (Strong island Animal Rescue League via Facebook)

Opossum Saved in Daring Rush Hour Rescue in New York

"Strong Island Animal Rescue League got an emergency call this morning during rush hour traffic about an opossum on concrete median with nowhere to go but to her death", began a dramatic post from the rescue organization. It was only the beginning of an intense and death-defying rescue.

Photos of a stranded animal being rescued on a busy New York highway
The opossum was rescued just inches away from speeding cars (Strong island Animal Rescue League via Facebook)

Opossum Rescued from Traffic in New York

The opossum had made it halfway across the busy highway, but was frozen on the median. "As each car passed her fur blew in the wind and [rescue organization president] Frankie knew that waiting for additional help could have cost her her life", the post continued. Video (below) shows just how harrowing the operation truly was.

Strong Island Animal Rescue League in Action

Strong Island Animal Rescue League (SIARL) is a rescue organization based in Suffolk County, Long Island and are no strangers to publicity. In 2022, SIARL made headlines for their help in finally corralling Vienna, a 750-pound cow that had been running loose on Long Island for more than four months after escaping a slaughterhouse. They shared video of her epic capture below.

The actions by Strong Island Animal Rescue League prove that not all heroes wear capes... sometimes they're carrying a net and navigating across speeding lanes of traffic to bring a defenseless animal to safety. Check out more amazing New York animal rescues below.

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