National Dog Day is Friday August 26, 2016. I make no secret of the fact that I am a dog person. Yes, I also have a cat, she and I have an understanding. She is a princess and I make sure that there is food in her dish. My dog, Scrappy, is my constant little companion. As an 8 pound protective barking machine, he follows me where ever he can. Scrappy also feels that he has been put on this Earth to not allow anyone to hurt me. When I say anyone, I also mean people who walk across the street, people who ring door bells on the tv and of course the biggest offender that often tries to hurt me, the dishwasher. All things that need to know, they mess with me, they will have Scrappy to deal with.

I got Scrappy as a rescue, later in his life. He was 10 at the time, I am not sure what his background has been or what situation landed him needing to have a new home. This is where I start to get the 'who rescued who thing' so I will end it here. How will I spend, National Dog Day? Like I do everyday, chillin' with my best little bud, doing what ever he wants to do!