I often feel intimidated by Brandi's impressive knowledge of food, especially of the gourmet variety. I mean, I shouldn't be surprised by it, as she's a trained chef and has a passion for it. But it's still sometimes overwhelming when you merely mention food and she's like an encyclopedia on the topic.

So it was really no surprise to see her in the middle of the WRRV station atrium putting together a cheese plate. Just a random assortment of cheeses, all right there, and all in the middle of being assembled by Brandi. Oh, and assessed too. I learned about all sorts of features that cheeses have. She was just a second away from giving them actual personalities.

Yet, my theory that everything in life is a balance of high and low is proving true once again as soon as I saw what she was pairing the cheese with, which was as far from some fancy French wine as you can get.

Not that I'm complaining or judging. Just respect, really. Check it out.