We love a "National Day" celebration in the Hudson Valley. Especially if it involves food.

Last week was National Pizza Week and the Hudson Valley showed up sharing hundreds of their favorite spots to get a slice.

In QUESO you didn't know, today is National Cheese Lovers Day. Yes, I will be supplying you with several CHEESY puns along the way today.

I don't know about you, but I identify as a cheese lover. If I visit one of the many Hudson Valley wineries you bet your bottom dollar I'm pairing that with whatever charcuterie board they have on the menu.

If you have a sensitivity to dairy, I am so, so sorry, about this story.

With National Cheese Lovers Day upon us, the website Zappia created a map breaking down the most popular cheese by state. Zappia followed Google Trends to determine the favorites across the US, and let me tell you, it's a GOUDA one.

Before we get to our favorites here in New York and the Hudson Valley, let's take a look at some fun facts collected by Zappia:

  • Queso is the most popular in 8 states which is more than any other cheese.
  • Cream Cheese was the 2nd most popular. Do people actually consider that a cheese?!
  • Deleware is the only state that found Cheez Whiz appetizing.

As for the GRATE (get it? grated cheese!) state of New York, well this one should come as no surprise. The most popular cheese in New York is Mozzarella. Most commonly pronounced "mootzatell" in our neck of the woods.

Did Zappia and Google Trends get it right? What's your favorite cheese?

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