This edition of Brandi's Future Husband features a guy who can't possibly be resistible to women of any age. Here is a guy for her that we found in Florida. (Why are the 'good' ones always in Florida?) This guy likes to go magnet fishing. Magnet fishing is just that casting a line with a big magnet at the end, it is also referred to as salvage fishing.

Her potential new guy had had a very successful morning on the water. In just a few hours he had found what appeared to be a World War II un-detonated hand grenade. Of course he didn't think about getting it check out by anyone to see how safe (or unsafe) it was, so he tossed it into a bucket and then into the back of his car.

Then he decides he is hungry and heads to his local Taco Bell. Nacho's Belgrande anyone? At this point the guy calls the police, where they discover that the firing pin is still in place. They had to shut the restaurant down for most of the day while the bomb squad came out to control the situation.

While the bomb squad was going over the grenade would've been the perfect time for Brandi to be able to get to know this guy.

Is this a match made at Taco Bell? Something tells us, he is not 100% the guy for her.

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