How did this food item become so popular in the Hudson Valley?

I've learned a of interesting things since I started living here in the Hudson Valley area of New York. Some of the things I question and some of it I understand, but this is something I've needed a little more clarification on.

I remember this day pretty well, it was one of the first times I stopped into a convenience store here and I was looking for something quick to eat for breakfast. I saw the usual, different kinds bagels with cream cheese, bagels with butter, muffins, donuts, but the last option kinda had me scratching my head with questions.

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The last option on the tray was a buttered hard roll, it was literally that simple just a hard roll with some butter on it and wrapped in clear foil...

Don't get my wrong I LOVE anything with bread, but I thought do people really eat buttered rolls here and count it as a decent breakfast choice? Being from Connecticut I can safely say I've never seen this before at any breakfast place. When we have a buttered roll there it's much smaller and it's really only eaten at dinner time.

So this made me want to know more.

How did a buttered roll become popular in New York?


According to officials, the buttered roll became very popular in New York City and were found a lot at delis, breakfast carts, bodegas and more. They become a popular commuter breakfast because they are easy to get, usually pretty cheap in price and you don't need to sit down to eat it you can simply enjoy it while on the move.

It seems like that idea continued and spread all throughout New York. A buttered roll can be easily found here in the Hudson Valley and the simple breakfast choice is still pretty iconic around here. I have yet to get one for breakfast, but that day will be coming soon.

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Where is your favorite place in the Hudson Valley to get a buttered roll at? Are there other reasons I missed why they are so popular? Share the details with us on the station app:

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