I've seen them throughout the Hudson Valley, but I need to know what are they used for.

I try to be pretty open when I don't understand something, even if it comes at my own expense. A few years ago I was spending a lot of time in the Montgomery area of the Hudson Valley and I would pass these strange wooden structures during my drive. I always wondered what they are and in the moment I'd say I was going to find out, but then I'd forget about it and it would completely slip my mind.

I was driving around the Fishkill area the other day and once again come across one of those structures. I had the same thoughts again and thought how they really must serve some kind of purpose because businesses advertise on them. This time I decided to take some action and try to find out more.


Since I'm not a New Yorker and am clearly not from the Hudson Valley, I figured the best thing to do what ask the listeners if they know what these structures are and what their purpose is.

What are some strange wooded structures used for in the Hudson Valley?

Here's what our listeners said when they were asked:

  • Allisa- "Bus stops for kids in the bad weather"
  • Jeff- "School bus stop shelters for kids waiting for the bus"
  • Marion- "I always thought they were for kids waiting for the bus stop"
  • Neil- "I always wondered what that is it’s my way to my doctors office I was thinking some kind of bus stop and there’s something else that I wondered about there’s a little hut behind dollar general on rt 9D it appears to look like a train stop does anyone know at one point when there were trains that ran through there??"
  • Mike- "That’s an open-air studio apartment in the Hudson Valley for $2,400 per month. Utilities aren’t included because there are no utilities. Great highway access, lawn managed by the municipality" (My personal favorite answer LOL)

So the majority of the listeners answered that these are used to help kids waiting for the bus in bad weather. That does make sense, but then how come they aren't everywhere in the Hudson Valley? Maybe they should be placed at every bus stop? Can we do that here in the Hudson Valley?

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Anyway, you can let me know if there's another thing they are used for or if you've seen more of them throughout the Hudson Valley on the station app:

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