After losing a Mets-Dodgers bet against a New York representative, Representative Adam Schiff of Glendale, California paid up by singing the Mets' theme.

I mean... I wouldn't exactly consider that "singing," per se. I mean, if I was on a singing competition show as a judge (which would be the best/worst singing show in the history of both television as a medium and singing as a concept), I would have to say "It's a no for me, dawg."

That being said, shouts to the dude for not only living up to his end of the deal, but also rocking the Mets tie. Also, begging the Speaker of the House for a mercy ending to his Congressional concert was a fun touch.

Before the world gets into the "THIS IS A WASTE OF MY TAX DOLLARS" outrage, let's all just appreciate for a moment the fact that "Meet the Mets" was actually (sort of maybe) sung in the hallowed halls of our United States government.