Just how much is the lighting at your office affecting your brain?

Everyday I fight my co-workers about how well lit the office should be. You can call me crazy but I'm a fan of being able to see. After all, we're at work and we aren't paying the electric bill. So let's turn all those suckers on!

California Lawmaker Considers Bill Banning Conventional Light Bulbs
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According to a study from Michigan State University, low lit rooms could be making us less smart.

A sample size of rats were studied in two different lighting environments. One group was in a low lit and the other was in a brightly lit spot. The results were quite different from each other. The group exposed to brightness did extremely well in certain task where as the subjects in the dim spot showed a significant decrease in the part of the brain that handles critical thinking.

If you're relaxing it's okay to keep the rooms  little darker but if you're looking to get things done and be productive be sure to flip that switch and keep those lights on.