Two of the most sought-after items in the world right now are the COVID-19 vaccine and the Peloton bike.

There have been those hot items during the pandemic that people just can't get their hands on. The first was toilet paper, then outdoor items, then indoor exercise equipment, now, the COVID-19 vaccine. I'm very fortunate that I was able to afford a Peloton bike and ordered one this year. I'm also lucky that I'm eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, even if it's because of my chronic health condition. I'm able to get two of the most sought-after things in the world right now but wasn't expecting to get them this way.

I ordered my Peloton on January 7, 2021. Before I even ordered the bike, I was told it would be a four to six-week delivery time. When I bought the bike, I was scheduled for delivery on March 23, about 10 weeks from my order date. In late January, I was able to get my delivery moved up to March 2. But yesterday, March 1, I get a phone call from the delivery company outsourced by Peloton telling me I won't be able to get my bike on March 2.

Upset and confused, I call Peloton customer service to find out the next available delivery date is May 11. WHAT. They completely skipped the month of April! I was beyond angry and still am not sure if I'll cancel the order or not. As I looked through my calendar to put the new delivery date on it, I realized that I'll be getting my COVID-19 vaccine before my Peloton gets delivered. My first dose of the vaccine is scheduled for March 22, and the second dose will take place on April 5.

I knew 2021 was a weird year, but who would've thought I'd get a COVID-19 vaccine before my Peloton gets delivered?

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