Some experts believe that your pet may have a sixth sense. Could it be true?

In the off chance that ghosts are real, this would be the best time to see one. You're probably carving pumpkins, making popcorn balls and watching a horror movie. You know, typical mid October things. What about going ghost hunting? I can't confirm that I've ever seen one but it could be because I never had my dog with me.

According to Chewy, there are a lot of people who believe pets have a sixth sense but especially dogs.

It's no secret that dogs have much stronger senses than us. Experts claim we shouldn't ignore those senses. Here are some signs that your dog may be witnessing a poltergeist.

1. They're staring at something that isn't there.

2. They're picking up odd smells.

3. They're hearing stange sounds.

4. They won't go to a certain spot in the house.

5. They're experiencing mood swings.


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