A 40+ year old railroad based in Kingston, New York just made a giant announcement, making them the first in the United States to take this step.

Catskill Mountain Railroad
Catskill Mountain Railroad

The Catskill Mountain Railroad, which has been operating since 1982, and is actually employee-owned by 69 current and former employees, along with their families. All profits derived from operation get reinvested back into the Ulster and Delaware Railroad corridor, and towards the building and maintenance of their train fleet.

The Catskill Mountain Railroad was named 'Best Tourist Attraction' of 2023 by the Ulster County Regional Chamber of Commerce.


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Catskill Mountain Railroad Reduces Carbon Footprint

In an effort to 'go green' by reducing their carbon footprint and the harmful emissions that come along with using diesel, the Catskill Mountain Railroad has announced a massive change in the running of their locomotives. They are now running on 100% biodiesel, making them the first tourist railroad across the entire United States to convert to 100% biodiesel!


According to the Press Release issued on June 4th, not only are they breaking the record by being the first in the states to commit 100% to biodiesel, but they are simultaneously aligning with the goals of the county by by showing their 'commitment to Ulster County Executive Jen Metzger’s leadership to create the boldest climate agenda in New York State.'

Catskill Mountain Railroad is also keeping it local when it comes to their green energy sourcing by receiving their biodiesel from a Hudson Valley startup that was founded by Dave Davenport, a local entrepreneur based out of New Windsor.

NetZero Biofuels, according to the Press Release, 'converts thousands of gallons of byproduct soybean oil from farms in Syracuse, New York, which are treated at their production facility in nearby Rock Tavern, New York.'

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From The Scientific Side

With the shift to 100% biodiesel, Catskill Mountain Railroad will reduce their Greenhouse Gas emissions by 74% when compared to the use of regular diesel fuel. There is also a 50% reduction in carbon monoxide and particulate emissions, and a 70% reduction in hydrocarbon emissions. You can take a deeper dive into the sustainability efforts of the railroad by clicking here.

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