It turns out that humans are not the only species in New York get intoxicated. At least one bird in the state seems to find themselves inebriated every spring.

The Empire State has plenty of booze-friendly destinations. While the most popular drinking activities are usually centered around pool days or craft beer festivals, one bird has found a new way to get a quick buzz.

Photo of a cedar waxwing bird with a pint of beer
A bird native to New York State is known to get a little tipsy every spring (Canva)

Animals Who Get Drunk

Across the globe, animals on nearly every continent have been known to become intoxicated. Wallabies in Tasmania have been observed eating poppies (the flower from which opium is derived), elephants have been known to eat fermented fruit from Marula trees, and Caribbean monkeys have even stolen cocktails from tourists... then there's the birds in New York.

Photos of the cedar waxwing bird
Cedar waxwings, a bird native to New York State, have been known to get intoxicated from fermented berries (WildlifeGeek /MichaelStubblefield via Canva)

Cedar Waxwing Birds in New York State

Waxwing birds, specifically the cedar waxwing, live year-round in New York and have been known to get drunk after eating fermented berries. While the birds not be intentionally altering their consciousness (it happens most often in the spring, when berries from the previous year become fermented by warming weather), the effect is the same (below).

Cedar Waxwings Get Drunk in New York

Cedar waxwings have been observed " tumbl[ing] from perches, bump[ing] into each other, and fly[ing] into things", after consuming the overripe fruit. While the "drunk"  waxwings may seem like they're having fun, it can actually be a very dangerous time for the birds.

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Similar to the dangers of humans driving their car while intoxicated, waxwings have trouble flying while impaired. They have been observed flying into building, windows, and are also more vulnerable to other animals like foxes or cats who may be looking to make a meal out of them.

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If you find a drunk bird (or any inebriated animal), providing water may help them rehydrate and return to a clearer state of mind more quickly, and an animal rehabilitation specialists should contacted if the bird seems injured.

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