You can both donate and help fight against coronavirus as certain New York Blood Center locations will now be able to test your platelets for COVID-19 antibodies after a donation for two weeks in November.

There are some people who physically can't give blood or maybe they have a fear of needles and just can't go through with the process. There are also several people who have stopped going to blood donations in New York out of fear of catching COVID-19. As someone who gives blood regularly I can honestly say that the New York Blood Center has a lot of safety measures in place to protect donors from the coronavirus. Many people habitually donate blood. However, the coronavirus pandemic has slowed down donations since March. Just because the donations have slowed doesn't mean the demand has.

Despite the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in New York the demand for blood donations still remains high. Antibodies play a pivotal role in studying and coming up with a defense for the virus. Testing positive for antibodies could determine if you have had COVID-19 in the past.

According to a post on their Facebook page, from November 2 to November 15 you will be able to have your blood tested for COVID antibodies after a donation. You can also schedule an appointment to have your blood drawn if you have had COVID-19. Your platelets would be used to help sick patients fight the coronavirus.

New York Blood Center has locations in both Kingston and Hopewell Junction.

If you are able to give blood it is important that you get down and safely give blood. It could save someone's life.


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