According to artificial intelligence, we may want to reconsider why we live in the Hudson Valley.

ChatGPT allows users to interact with an artificial intelligence bot that can answer questions, tell stories and even write original songs. While many say that artificial intelligence is the future, there is some concern with technology taking the place of real-life fact-checkers. ChatGPT has been spewing out some hilariously incorrect information, which serves as a warning to those who are looking to take the easy way out of doing homework or job assignments.

I recently had a "conversation" with ChatGPT about living in the Hudson Valley and the A.I. bot decided to make some arguments as to why I should consider not choosing to live in this area of New York. While the computer admitted that "there are many benefits to living in the Hudson Valley" It also came back with some solid reasons someone might not want to live here.

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According to ChatGPT there are five reasons why someone should reconsider living in the Mid-Hudson Valley:

  1. Cost of living: "The Hudson Valley can be expensive, with high property taxes, housing costs, and living expenses. This can be a barrier for some people, especially those on a tight budget."
  2. Traffic and congestion: ChatGPT says the area has seen "a lot of growth in recent years, which has led to increased traffic and congestion on the roads."
  3. Harsh winters: Climate is listed as a concern, saying that the harsh winters "can be a challenge" for many people.
  4. Limited job opportunities: "While there are some job opportunities in the Hudson Valley, the job market can be limited in some areas." ChatGPT claims that "this can make it difficult for those who are looking for specific types of jobs or who are looking to advance their careers."
  5. Lack of diversity: Not holding back, the artificial intelligence bluntly stated that the Hudson Valley "is predominantly white, which can be a challenge for people who are looking for a more diverse community." It also claimed that the lack of diversity can "impact the availability of cultural events and activities."
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To be fair, I also prompted ChatbotGPT to come up with some positive things to say about the region and it conceded that the area's natural beauty, sense of community and proximity to New York City makes it an attractive place to live for some people.

We want to know what you think.  Do you agree with the artificial intelligence's assessment of life in the Hudson Valley? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or by sending us a text on our app.

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