New York State is home to a treasure-trove of mispronounced cities and towns. However, only one town made the list of the most mispronounced in America.

The website Best Life found out which small towns in the United States are total tongue twisters. Somehow, and in some way, it seems that only one New York town made the list. Honestly, it's probably one you wouldn't pick as your first choice either.

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The choice for New York State is....


Yes, Schenectady beat out hundreds of contenders:

This historic Dutch settlement looks like someone reached into a Scrabble bag and pulled out a bunch of random letters. So we don't blame you if you're tripping over the pronunciation. However, locals will tell you to call it "Ski-neck-tuh-dee," which is based off the land the Mohawk tribe of the Iroquois Nation called "Schau-naugh-ta-da," meaning "over the pine plains.""

Schenectady came in at lucky number 13. How is this the only New York town on the list? This author isn't entirely sure.

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So who made Number One on the list? Wayzata, Minnesota has that honor.

There is a right and wrong way to say Wayzata. Don't butcher it by announcing you're in "Way-zat-ah." You'll politely be corrected to call the lakefront community "Why-zet-uh.""

Honestly, our head hurts trying to process that name. Where do you even begin? Number two was Boerne, Texas, and Number three goes to La Jolla, California. At least we don't have those names here in New York.

There is no way Schenectady beats out many on this list though across New York:

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