Chef's Table is a series on Netflix about a chef who owns a table. Sometimes he puts food on it, because he's a chef! Sometimes he doesn't put food on it, and it's just a table. Sometimes the chef and the table team up and solve mysteries or something!

...Ok, I've never watched Chef's Table. But I've heard good things! It's actually not a detective series about a chef and a table (even though that would be awesome), it's a popular cooking show on Netflix that showcases all kinds of exquisite foods from different chefs around the world.

And one of those chefs, Will Goldfarb, is collaborating on a dinner in the Hudson Valley this week to promote his new book, "Room For Dessert." Goldfarb is usually based in Indonesia, but this Friday, May 11 he's teaming up with Fish & Game in Hudson to host a six-course tasting menu. Fish & Game's chef, Zakary Pellacio, will handle three savory courses while Goldfarb will handle three dessert dishes.

Tickets are $95 and include a copy of Goldfarb's book. You'll have to make a reservation beforehand through the restaurant's website, too.