So you find what looks like perfectly good food on the side of the road, say on I-84, do you stop and pick it up or do you leave it?

This is the same question that plagued many people in Alabama this week as a tractor trailer filled with crispy chicken tenders overturned and dumped its load on the side of a major highway.

A lot of people did stop. So many that the state police had to put out an advisory telling people that the act of stopping on that particular road could get them a ticket for impeding the flow of traffic. The other reason the cops were trying to get people to not stop? They were trying to save people from potential cases of food poisoning as those chicken tenders had now been there for over 24-hours.

How long would you let food sit out before you ate it? When we asked you the most popular response was that pizza was the food that you would grab first if it was left out, cold french fries was the second most popular response. When it came to the question of how long would it be okay to eat either one of the above items after they were sitting out, people said that they would go ahead and eat them up to 6 hours after they had been left out. After 6 hours, no one wanted to touch the food items.

So the next time you see food sitting on the side of the road, ask your self if it is worth a potential case of food poisoning.

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