A Chopped champion from the Lower Hudson Valley, with ties to Dutchess County, is competing again on the Food Network.

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The owner of Bona Bona Ice Cream in Port Chester is appearing on Wednesday night's episode of the Food Network's new show, Kitchen Crash. The Food Network debuted the new show in early January.

"This anything-can-happen competition will bring culinary matchups to the streets as chefs come together for outdoor cookoffs while the neighbors supply the goods. Eager chefs will try to convince the folks at home to open up their fridges and hand over their ingredients. Chefs can use anything they get — provided it fits into a single bin, that is. It’ll be a one-and-done Kitchen Crash, as there’s no guarantee contestants will find exactly what they’re looking for AND there’s no chance to restock throughout the competition," Food Network writes about Kitchen Crash.

Jeff Mauro hosts the new show. Nick Di Bona, the owner of Bona Bona Ice Cream, recently competed on the brand new show in Wayne, New Jersey, according to the Bona Bona Ice Cream's Facebook page.

"Jeff Mauro surprises the residents of Wayne, N.J., with three chefs knocking on their doors to find ingredients for high-octane cooking battles. The challenges call for dishes from land, air and sea, and judge Matt Abdoo watches as the chefs' pantry pulls dwindle. The last chef standing splits a cash prize with the lucky family who said, 'Come on in!'" the Food Network writes in the episode's description.

The episode featuring Di Bona will premiere Wednesday at 10 p.m. It will re-air on Thursday at 1 a.m. and again on Feb. 13, at 3 p.m.

Di Bona became a Chopped on the Food Network in 2013. He attended the Culinary Institute of America.

Derek Corsino who went to Arlington High School and also attended the CIA will compete on the Food Network’s Spring Baking Championship on Monday, Feb. 22 at 9 p.m.


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