This time of year is awesome. The crazy amount of festivity, the decent people of society using the spirit of the season to treat other people a little bit better, the terrible people of society using the spirit of the season as an excuse to pummel someone over a pressure cooker and thus provide us with YouTube content, and of course, the terrible/phenomenal/terribly phenomenal made-for-TV Christmas movies starring Candace Cameron Bure.

But some people aren't crazy about the holiday season. Maybe they've had bad experiences in the past during this time of year and associate the entire time of year with that trauma or tragedy. Maybe they're generally grumpy (although this is not a valid excuse as far as I'm concerned--as someone who is generally grumpy, I love everything about the cheer. Although I am a fan of irony, so, maybe that's it). Maybe they don't have sufficient appreciation for Candace Cameron Bure.

Whatever the reason, some folks in England decided to show their dissatisfaction with Christmastime by trying to ruin it for others. This is one of those It Came From the Internet stories with a happy ending, though. Give it a listen.