If you're a New Yorker who lives in the Hudson Valley or anywhere upstate then you know all about cicadas.

I honestly had no idea what these things were until I moved to New York and now I am convinced that these are some of the most annoying creatures on the planet. I grew up in a part of Michigan that was not native to these things according to Nature.com.

Cicadas in New York

The annual cicada makes its appearance during the summer months. If you don't see a cicada then you most likely hear them. A large group of cicadas clicking can be extremely noisy.

Most people don't see live ones but they will see the skin that they shed.

Most people see the bug's annual exoskeleton that they shed.
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Are cicadas one of New York's most annoying pests?

There are periodical cicadas that make an appearance about every 7 years and there are annual cicadas that pop up every year. There always seems to be a discussion about what do to about the crazy amount they show up every year. Some think that they should be harvested and eaten as they are a good source of protein. There have even been ideas about having a cicada pop-up restaurant during the summer.

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