Things I never expected to see in my house part 2.

Last year right around this time, I was in my unfinished basement and thought I saw what looked like a tiny snake moving underneath a box. After a lot of screaming and begging, my neighbor across the street came to help, and relocated the little guy to the woods across the street. You can read the whole tale from start to finish here.

Before that, I had a cave cricket situation, also in my basement, due to an abundance of cardboard boxes which is apparently their preferred living situation. Fixed that one with a pricy exterminator visit (and also a lot of screaming, naturally).

Fast forward to this week, a new surprise made its way into my house, this time entertaining us in the hallway just inside the front door.

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Help Me Identify This Frog That Got In My House

It was your average morning, rushing around getting ready for work while trying to get my daughter out the door and on the bus. She's a jokester, so when she said 'ma, there's a frog in the house' I was like yeah ok. She immediately said 'not kidding, really a frog over here' and when I looked around the corner from the kitchen to the entry way, I found my daughter with our cat next to her, head titled sideways sitting staring at this frog near the base of the wall.

Naturally, I screamed like I always do (I don't do well with insects and wildlife) and immediately texted the 18-year-old who lives next-door to come and save us. As he was making his way over, this little guy took off CLIMBING, not hopping like a normal frog, no, scaling my wall...actual footage below:

I've never seen an 'outdoor' frog move like this. We grew up with a pool and saw our share of little froggies hopping around the side of the pool, and of course over the years have seen them hopping around the street after a rainstorm, but this guy was on the move using a mode of transportation I've never experienced before.

I shared the video with a few of my friends, one said it was someone's pet frog, another saying it was definitely poisonous and not native to this area.


It's now happily relocated (thanks, neighbor) outside, and no signs of any other frog-family members climbing the walls since, but I'm wondering, have you ever come in contact with a frog this color, and climbing this way - any idea of what kind it is or why it was in my house?

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