This past week Hudson Valley residents have experienced stuffy noses, itchy eyes and soar throats. But these symptoms may not be cold related. According to the pollen count has been very high and is expected to continue to stay up through next week.

The pollen is predominantly from trees and grass. This is nature's way of spreading it's seed to create more nature. With lawn mowing season in full swing, pollen is easily spread around unfortunately landing in everyone's sinuses.

Seasonal allergies do not affect everyone but for those who are susceptible the symptoms can be quite severe. Waking up in the morning with a completely blocked nasal cavity can be crippling while trying to get ready for work or school.

If you have a pet that goes outside everyday they will attract pollen and can bring it into your house, that's bad news for pet owners who let their furry friend sleep in bed with them.

Allergy shots are a common way to fight these symptoms for the long term. If that's not an option for you, over the counter nasal sprays and a box of tissues will be your next line of defense. Keeping windows closed can help prevent more pollen from entering your home but that is only an option for those lucky residents with air conditioning.