August in New York is famously hot, sunny, and humid, but there was one day in history when temperatures plummeted.

Weather in the northeastern United States in famously unpredictable. This summer, rain dominated much of July and August, seemingly only taking a break to let the blazing sun bake our lawns. While some us us may have wished for some cooler air, dipping below freezing certainly wasn't on anyone's mind.

Coldest August Temperature in Delaware County, NY

"Today in local history: August 25, 1940 - Temperatures drop into the mid to high 20s F in Delaware County. A low of 28F was recorded here at the county seat of Delhi", shared the Delaware County Historical Association. The county, just west of the Hudson Valley, wasn't the only place in New York to experience the frigid phenomenon.

Coldest August Temperature in the Hudson Valley, NY

The record for coldest day in Orange County was (luckily) a bit warmer, with a low of 38 degrees. The same went for Dutchess County, where the Dutchess County Airport in Wappingers Falls, NY recorded a low of 38 degrees in 1965. Ulster County's Hunter Mountain in Hunter, NY, dipped down to a record 32 degrees in August. The coldest August day in the entire state of New York state, however, is a little surprising.


The Coldest Recorded August Temperature in New York History

While cities and towns near the Canadian border like Buffalo and Plattsburgh, NY might seem like the place to find the coldest weather in New York, the record actually belongs to a down a bit further south. On August 31 1909, the town of Indian Lake recorded a temperature of 20 degrees (more like Indian Frozen Lake, amirite?).

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