Obviously, any halfway serious Melvins fan has already seen or will jump on their first possible chance to see The Colossus of Destiny - A Melvins Tale, a comprehensive and well-paced new documentary about the legendary underground band's career.

But if you're a casual fan, or heaven forbid thus far unaware of the Melvins, this movie is perfect for you. It demonstrates exactly why the group's core duo of Buzz Osbourne and Dale Crover are so highly regarded by their peers and fans. It also shows how exceptional and influential not just the Melvins' music, but also the method in which they've navigated the music business has been over the past three decades.

The Colossus of Destiny runs through each phase of the band's career chronologically, with extensive interviews with Osbourne and Crover, as well as many of the numerous bass players who have entered and exited the band over the years. This includes an amusing chat with the bemused (and apparently much hated) school teacher from whom the band took their name as well as testimonials from peers such as Gene Simmons of Kiss and Soundgarden's Chris Cornell.

As the movie chronicles the Melvins steadily and confidently building themselves into what Osbourne modestly labels "a cottage industry," the dizzying variety of projects, musical styles and collaborators the Melvins have worked with over the years - including Lustmord, Jello Biafra, Mike Patton and many more - quickly becomes very impressive.

Through it all, the band overcomes pitfalls that would end less-focused groups -- getting dropped by a major label, enduring the drug abuse problems of more than one former bandmate -- with a sense of humor, a shrug and more than anything else, a determination to continue following their muse regardless of what's going on around them.

You can get all the information about upcoming screenings (and hopefully, a future home video release) of The Colossus of Destiny - A Melvins Tale at the film's official site.

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