If you've read any of my posts on this website and gleaned anything, anything at all, you've gleaned two things: I use colons and semi-colons borderline excessively and the 1990s were weird as all hell.

It was a time of the underground going mainstream in a lot of ways. Independent cinema became hip and cool, underground comic books were being used to inspire movies (Tank Girl, The Crow, hell, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and their artists tapped to design cans for Coca-Cola products, and alternative music was hitting audiences it had never even dreamed of reaching.

If anyone in the late 1980s and early 1990s said that in 2016, alternative radio would still be playing Butthole Surfers songs--Butthole Surfers! The band who brought you one of the most surreal and insane albums you'll ever hear!--in 2016.

So I suppose it makes sense that this culture clash is perfectly represented in this clip, as the Melvins are introduced by a young Jeff Probst on a show called Sound fX on the earliest iteration of the FX network.

The Melvins, performing in a set designed to be a living room, while a bunch of young people--sitting in what is designed to be a kitchen--pretend to be interested in their brand of sludge metal, while a middle-aged bald dude takes time away from doing taxes or whatever to do a courtroom sketch of them and a long-haired Jeff Probst looks on. It's the strangest thing ever, and to paraphrase what one of the comments says, it's like something David Lynch would have directed.

So, y'know, perfect for the Melvins.