You did it!! You have helped to re-open Columbia Costumes & Beauty Supply on North Front Street in Kingston. According to a Facebook post dated May 30, 2017 an campaign had been set up to re-open the legendary costume store that had been located in Kingston NY since 1973, but closed at the end of 2016.

The grand re-opening of the new space will take place on Saturday June 17, 2017 from 11am to 8pm at the 56 N Front Street, Kingston location.

There is a new owner, Felicita Chipak, and she is hoping that with the new space and new ownership that Columbia can take on a new 'life.' Here are a few of the things she sees happening at the new Columbia costumes store, from the indiegogo campaign:

  • Secure a new 3,000 sq ft location in Kingston to house the costumes and accessories.

  • Use the new space to allow artists to shine. Costume makers/designers, special effects make-up artists, cosmetologists and many other experts will be invited to share their talents in classes, events and installations.

  • Build a new website that will catalog costume rentals, allow customers to receive loyalty rewards, and offer shipping and in-store pick up options for all of our products.

  • Hire talented individuals that are waiting for the opportunity to teach and assist you.

    Where do you go to purchase Halloween costumes? Do you go to a limited-time pop up store or do you search out the perfect costume online for weeks? Have you ever shopped at a store who has costumes available for purchase or rent all year long? Show us a picture of your favorite Halloween costume, we would love to see it.

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