The man you know for ranting about bread and milk joins the show to talk about his role in Paul Blart 2, performing for crowds in New York, and this weekend's show in Sugar Loaf.

There was no escaping Vic Dibitetto's famous YouTube rant about winter storms causing panic over bread and milk:

But what you might not know is that his career in comedy started well before YouTube came along, and even before the internet was something anyone talked about; the man has been performing for 30 years.

On Saturday, he brings his very New York act to the stage of the Sugar Loaf Performing Arts Center. He called up WRRV to talk to myself and Brandi about what it's like to find success so deep into his career, and how a 30 year old friendship lead to getting a role in a hit movie.

Tickets and information about the show are available at the Sugar Loaf Performing Arts Center website here.