In a shocking development in Queens, New York, a 25-year-old Ecuadorian migrant, Christian Geovanny Inga-Landi, has been apprehended following a brutal assault on a 13-year-old girl at Kissena Park. The crime, involving the use of a machete-style knife to coerce two teenagers into a secluded area, has sparked outrage and a widespread manhunt by the NYPD.

photo: Fox News
photo: Fox News

The assault, occurring in broad daylight, prompted an intensive search for the suspect, with the NYPD releasing images and appealing for information from the public. Local residents, deeply disturbed by the incident, responded with vigilance and determination.

Residents Used A Belt To Bind His Hands Until Police Arrived

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, a group of courageous individuals spotted Inga-Landi near 108th Street and Waldon Street. Acting swiftly, they apprehended him and held him until law enforcement arrived on the scene. Dramatic footage captured the tense moments as the suspect was subdued and restrained.

Jeffrey Flores, one of the individuals involved, recounted recognizing Inga-Landi from police posters and surveillance footage. "I saw him a few times — he comes to this store to buy stuff," Flores stated. "I waited for him. I waited the whole day to see if he would come up. He came at night."

Suspect Faces Serious Charges

The arrest marks a significant breakthrough in the investigation, providing critical evidence and testimony. Inga-Landi now faces serious charges, including rape, kidnapping, and assault, highlighting the gravity of the crime and the community's resilience in seeking justice.

photo: Paul Martinka
photo: Paul Martinka

As the legal process unfolds, residents express solidarity with the victims and their families, emphasizing the importance of community unity in the face of adversity. This incident serves as a poignant reminder of the vulnerabilities within our neighborhoods and the collective strength that emerges when communities come together to confront and prevent violence.

The bravery and quick action of those involved in Inga-Landi's capture underscore the pivotal role of community engagement in ensuring public safety. As authorities continue their investigation, residents remain hopeful that this arrest will bring a measure of closure to a community profoundly impacted by this tragic event.

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